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Supporting public purpose 
leaders to succeed.

At The Dux Project, we are passionate about the role of public purpose leaders in making a meaningful contribution to improving our society.  

We are realistic about the challenges leaders face in seeking to achieve this, having lived and experienced those challenges in our extensive public sector careers.

The Dux Project aims to assist leaders to clarify and achieve their goals by providing insightful and practical advice through our programs and coaching services. The Dux Project provides scaffolding and helps leaders avoid pitfalls along the way. 

The Dux Project is proud to provide the opportunity for public purpose leaders to have access to some of the most experienced public policy practitioners in Australia.


Meet the Team

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Principals & Founders

Ingrid Haythorpe
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Ingrid worked in the South Australian public service from 1995 until 2018.  She has senior executive experience across numerous agencies in the South Australian Government, including in SA Health, as Deputy CE in Premier and Cabinet and as Chief Executive of the Attorney-General's Department. In these roles she was responsible for a diverse range of reforms including reform of health system governance, the establishment of Royal Commissions and Tribunals and an extensive body of legislative and other reforms.   She worked with Governments across Australia in the intergovernmental relations and COAG field for 5 years.

Simon Phemister PSM
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Simon has worked extensively across the Victorian public service. Starting as a graduate, he has worked in Departments including Education and Training, Premier and Cabinet and Department of Human Services, and spent time in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in the Commonwealth, before being appointed as Secretary of the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.  Highlights from Simon’s public service career include negotiating the acquisition and retention of major events such as the Australian Open and the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Simon led a significant employment effort during COVID including the creation of Jobs Victoria and leading the business COVID recovery plan.  Simon also led reforms such as the establishment of the Latrobe Valley Authority, Services Connect human services delivery reforms, and micro economic reforms.

Dr Tahnya
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Tahnya has diverse public purpose experience having worked in the University sector, the public service and for a union. As Deputy Chief Executive of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Tahnya led the provision of advice to Cabinet on hundreds of proposals across all social and economic portfolios. She instituted reforms including the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act (SA) 2016.  Tahnya led South Australia’s involvement in major Commonwealth/ State reforms including the establishment of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  Tahnya has also held executive roles in SA Health and the SA Department of Education and Training.


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Chris Eccles AO

A former head of the Victorian, NSW and SA Premier and Cabinet departments, Chris has no peers when it comes to government leadership experience. His inimitable style and wisdom positions Chris to provide lessons and insights into how to make a positive, lasting impact as a public purpose leader.

The Hon. Jaala Pulford

As a former Victorian Labor Government Minister with carriage of nine portfolios over eight years, Jaala has a unique expertise and experience in understanding and providing insights into Ministerial drivers and the importance of political nous in public purpose leadership.

Ben Hubbard

Bringing his lengthy experience as one of Australia’s most senior political advisers, including as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Gillard, Ben provides unique insights into the operating context of a Minister's office and what it takes to to work successfully with Ministers and their private office staff.

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