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Leadership Excellence
This program is currently open for expressions of interest
rom individuals and executive teams.

This program will deliver participants a greater understanding of themselves as leaders and provide them with knowledge and supports that will help them succeed. Participants will take a deep dive into their own leadership approach, reputation and legacy. They will learn from experts who possess a range of essential perspectives, alongside peers in a facilitated and supportive environment.   

Delivery Approach

Public purpose leaders are busy.  Participants will be given the opportunity to learn and develop their craft in an environment of respectful session timing and flexibility.  

​Engagement will occur in-person, in small group sessions over two days and 1:1 via flexible online platforms. 

Participant Commitment

The program involves: 

  • a small group intensive program with Dux Project Principals and Collaborators 

  • Hogan's personality assessment and 1:1 Session on your leadership reputation, strengths and potential de-railers.

  • 1:1 career conversation with Dux Project Principals  

Who should enrol?

This offering is designed to support leaders who are concurrently facing the challenges of leading teams, delivering ambitious agendas, working with complex stakeholders while serving Ministers and/or Boards. It is recommended for agency heads and deputy heads, executive directors, or equivalent working in the public purpose sector across Australia. 

Program Details

Participants will form a learning circle with a small group of fellow participants.   

Each learning circle will be  supported  through a range of curated engagements designed to facilitate networks, connections and learning.  


In addition to the work in the circle, participants will be guided through an individualised program of support based on an analysis of their current and projected future challenges and a data-driven report on their leadership style and how different audiences (Ministers, peers, teams) may experience this.  


An intensive development day will combine multiple learning circles and facilitate broader networking while presenting the following content:  


  • Lessons for legacy and impact as a public purpose leader  

  • Building credibility and an  authorising environment to achieve outcomes  

  • Developing political nous and strategies to work successfully with Ministers  and Chief of Staff

  • Insights on the challenges of public purpose leadership and how to navigate these  


The day has been designed to provide an opportunity for candid engagement with  high-calibre presenters/facilitators.  


Core to the program delivery and outcomes will be the care the Dux Project Principals and Collaborators take with individual participants and the learning circles to ensure they are equipped with the strategies and supports they need to succeed in their roles.   There will be an opportunity for an ongoing engagement with Dux Project Principals and/or collaborators via a platform that works best for the leader. 


Price available on application (for individuals or executive teams).

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