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This program is for established leaders (agency heads, deputy heads, or those on the cusp of these roles) who want a greater understanding of themselves as leaders and colleagues. It will provide them with knowledge and supports that will help them succeed.

Participants will take a deep dive into their own leadership approach, reputation, and the legacy they will – or want to - leave. They will work with peers in a facilitated and supportive environment and will learn from experts who have knowledge and experience that can help them to reflect and improve their approach to leadership.  


All participants on this program will be dealing with the challenges of leading teams and/or organisations, delivering ambitious agendas and working with complex stakeholders, all while serving Ministers and/or Boards. This program offers insights on how to juggle the sometimes overwhelming demands of these components – and focus on the things that matter most to their personal success and the success of their organisations.

This program has been designed for public purpose leaders who may have already navigated the early stages of their leadership journey and are now at the stage where they want to consolidate and advance their skills and capabilities – potentially in preparation for their next step. As with all our programs, participants will gain insights from experienced leaders via a collaborative, supportive and practical delivery model.


Participants who will benefit the most from this program are those who are dealing with multiple and complex challenges – and who recognise that they would benefit from outside advice and support as they develop further as a public purpose leader. It is recommended for people who are willing to be challenged, and who are open to new ways of thinking – and especially for those who are keen to make a fast and successful start in new or upcoming roles.    

Coaching and Mentoring: Sometimes 1:1 support, guidance and tailored advice is what you need. At the Dux Project we are proud of our curated programs and what they deliver for participants. But sometimes a little more is needed- and that is where our coaching and mentoring services come in. Our Founders and a number of our collaborators have a small list of clients who they are prepared to invest their 1:1 time in to provide focused, tailored strategic advice and support.


Team Development: The Dux Project can also provide bespoke, co-designed professional development sessions for teams and groups, designed around your needs and our expertise. These individualised programs suit senior teams with a focus on team building, capability up-lift, and leadership development.


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