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Leadership with Purpose.

The Dux Project delivers programs, mentoring and coaching services to public purpose leaders to help them thrive and achieve success.
We curate content and experiences that result in practical, applied learning. We use experts to provide insights that lift capabilities and knowledge.
We care about our clients and are committed to supporting their success.


/dʌks/ noun, [Latin]: leader, guide


Practioner-led learning 

Learn from The Dux Project founders with a collective 50 years experience in public purpose and leadership, as well as highly experienced and respected Collaborators and Special Guests. 


Small, discreet circles of trust

Programs are specifically designed to be small, with direct access to our Principals and gaining additional access to an impressive group of Collaborators and Special Guests.


Programs to suit different leadership stages

Each program has been tailored to suit specific outcomes and stages in your public purpose leadership journey. 


“The best thing was that you met us on our level and offered us content that lifted us higher... I also think you got the format right - intimate comfy setting, no slides, no notes, no handouts, just amazing transformational conversations...”

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